Creation Guidelines

  • You can now create and sell your own pop-up stickers and effect stickers on Creators Market.
    We look forward to seeing what pop-up stickers and effect stickers our creators will make.
    - Animations for pop-up stickers play across the whole chat screen.
    - Animations for effect stickers play in the chat screen background.

Effect sticker work flow

Add your product details to My Page and then upload your images.

  • 1Log in to My Page and click New Submission.
  • 2Enter your sticker information and save your progress.
  • 3Compress your images into a ZIP file and upload it.



Quantity Size File Format
Main Image 1 240 x 240 .png
Effect main image 1 480 × 480 .png(APNG)
Sticker Images Either 8, 16,
or 24
Up to 370 x 320 .png
Effect image Either 8, 16,
or 24
480 × 480 (max) .png(APNG)
Chat Thumbnail Icon 1 96 x 74 .png
  • · Select your number of stickers from the Manage Stickers page. You can change this number freely before submission.
  • · Generate your effect sticker images/main images with an APNG creation tool such as APNG Assembler. Use ".png" for the filename extension.
  • · Effect stickers' image files must adhere to the following criteria.
    - Their dimensions must be within 480 × 480 pixels.
    - Either the width or height of the image must be exactly 480 pixels wide or tall.
    - If the width is 480 pixels wide, then the height must be at least 320 pixels tall.
    - If the height is 480 pixels tall, then the width must be at least 200 pixels wide.
  • · Loops: 1–3 loops per sticker provided the total length doesn't exceed 3 seconds.
  • · Playback time: Up to 3 seconds per sticker.
  • · PNG frame limits per APNG: Between 5 and 20 frames.
    - Note: If creating APNG files with a creation tool such as APNG Assembler, repeated identical images may become combined as a single frame.
    - Files that use the same data for all frames won't animate properly and will result in an upload error.
  • · Please ensure that your files are in RGB color space.
  • · The maximum file size for each image is 500 KB. If submitting all images in a single ZIP file, make sure the ZIP file is 20 MB or less.
  • · Image backgrounds must be transparent.
  • · Please see the guidelines for instructions on creating effect stickers.


Creator Sticker Title Sticker Description Copyright
Up to 50 characters Up to 40 characters Up to 160 characters Up to 50 characters
  • Asian language characters and some symbols count as 2 characters each.

Sample Images

Main Image

Creator, Sticker Title, and Sticker Description

Chat Thumbnail Icon

Effect image

Sticker Margins

There's no need to include a margin around your uploaded images.
Appropriate margins will be added automatically to your sticker images.
- Margins will not be added to effect images or effect main images.

Upload Images

Image Size: 370 × 320 (max)

Image with margins added

Image Size: 420 × 350 (max)


Recommended Stickers

  • · Stickers that are easy to use in daily conversation and communication.
  • · Stickers that consist of easily understandable expressions, messages, and illustrations.

Non-Recommended Stickers

  • · Stickers that are difficult to use in daily conversation, such as objects and scenery.
  • · Stickers that have poor visibility.
  • · Sets that significantly lack variety, such as stickers made up purely of pale colors or strings of numbers.
  • · Content that offends public order and morality, is suggestive of under-age drinking or smoking, contain sexual or violent imagery, or may fuel nationalism.

Other Notes

  • · Stickers for sale may not be used for advertising purposes. Please do not include any form of advertisement in the sticker images, titles, and text descriptions, such as the announcements of product release dates, or submit stickers featuring only corporate logos.
  • · Stickers that require users to provide their personal data or IDs for purchase are strictly prohibited.
    Content that mentions any internet service, messenger app, or similar services, or consists of any characters related to such services may not be sold in the Creators Market.
  • · For more details, please see the sticker review guidelines.