How to Use

01 From Registration to Sales

1Register as a Creator

Enter the necessary information to register yourself as a creator.

2Submit Text and Sticker Image Information

Enter text information including the title and description of the stickers, and upload a total of 42 images, including 40 stickers, one main image, and one image for the chat room tab.

3Sticker Review

After we receive your submission, we will review it against our sticker sales criteria.

4Start Selling

After your stickers have been reviewed, click the Release button to start selling them on LINE STORE.
Choose a purchase price for your stickers from the list of available options.



5Get Paid

50% of sticker revenue will be transferred to your registered bank account (excluding 30% fee from Apple, Google, etc.)

If you do not have a LINE account yet, please download the app on your smartphone and create one. Get LINE

You can check your account info by starting the LINE app and going to Settings > Accounts.