Create One-of-a-Kind
Stickers, Emoji, and Themes

Sync the stickers you create on LINE Creators Market with the LINE Creators Studio app.

POINT 01Just register with your LINE account.

Everyone is welcome at the LINE Creators Market, regardless of age or profession.
It doesn't matter if you're an amateur art-enthusiast or if you actually doodle for a living, or if you're an individual or represent a business.

POINT 02Sell stickers, animated stickers, emoji,
and themes on the LINE Sticker Shop.

Creators receive 50% of sticker and theme revenue (after deduction of the 30% fee charged by Apple, Google, etc.).
Start selling on LINE STORE today!

POINT 03LINE users around the world
could be using your stickers, emoji, and themes

Refer to the guidelines for more on how to create emoji.

LINE Creators' Stickers Awards 2017

Voters get entered into a lottery to win up to ¥1M worth of prizes!

Voting period:
11/15/2017 – 11/21/2017
Results announced:

Vote in the Grand Prize winner from this year's nominees to be announced in the December awards event!
Vote for your favorite creators and win prizes!


  • LINE Creators Management

    Please contact us here for questions about merchandise licensing for affiliated creators.
    We're looking for people to partner with us to develop new products.

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  • LINE Simulator

    Take your stickers on a test run to see how they look on the LINE chat screen. The simulator can be used on PCs.

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  • LINE Creators' Stickers Awards 2017

    The award nominees for 2017 have been announced!
    A big thanks to everyone who voted.
    Don't miss the full December awards report!

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  • LINE Creators Studio

    Easily create LINE stickers on your phone.
    Make your chats your own with unique stickers.

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