Creation Guidelines

  • LINE has been updated in some countries to include icon images for the Wallet tab under "Menu Button Images."
    If you haven't already done so, please add the required images according to the Creation Guidelines for any of your themes and perform any necessary update requests for themes already on sale.


Main Images (3 total)

Quantity iOS Android LINE STORE
A. Main Images 3 200 x 284 136 x 202 198 x 278

Theme Images (54 total)

Quantity iOS Android
B. Menu Button Images 28 128 x 150 128 x 112
C. Menu Background Images 2 1472 x 150 640 x 112
D. Passcode Image 16 120 x 120 116 x 116
E. Profile Images 4 240 x 240 247 x 247
F. Chat Background Image 2 1482 x 1334 1300 x 1300
G. Splash Image 1 - 1300 x 1300
1 - 480 x 720
  • · All sizes are in pixels.
  • · All images must be submitted in PNG format.
  • · A resolution of 72 dpi and above and RGB color mode are recommended.
  • · The maximum file size for each image is 1 MB.
  • · If you are compressing all the image files into one ZIP file, please ensure that the size of the ZIP file is less than 30 MB.
  • · Backgrounds for graphics must be transparent.
  • · For more details, please see the complete creation guidelines.


Creator Theme Title Theme Description Copyright
Up to 50 characters Up to 40 characters Up to 160 characters Up to 50 characters
  • Asian language characters and some symbols count as 2 characters each.

Sample Images

A. Main Images

Theme Title, Theme Description, and Creator's Name

G. Splash Image

B. Menu Button Images
C. Menu Background Images
E. Profile Images

F. Chat Background Image

D. Passcode Image


Unacceptable Themes

  • · Themes with poor visibility, such as icons that are visibly corrupted and difficult to see or that blend in with the background image.
  • · Themes that do not feature good overall design balance (E.g., no unifying theme among icons, icons featuring only text)
  • · Images that only contain text (no illustrations)
  • · Themes that are duplicates of themes that are already available or currently under review (including simple color-revisions of existing icons)
  • · Content that offends public order and morality, is suggestive of under-age drinking or smoking, contain sexual or violent imagery, or may fuel nationalism.

Other Notes

  • · Any paid themes should not be used for advertisement purposes. Theme graphics, titles, and text cannot act as advertisements (including announcing sales or release dates) or feature superfluous or unnecessary corporate logos.
  • · Requiring a user's personal information or ID in order to purchase a theme is strictly forbidden.
    Content that mentions any internet service, messenger app, or similar services, or consists of any characters related to such services may not be sold in the Creators Market.
  • · For more details, please see the theme review guidelines.