Creation Guidelines

  • You can now create and sell your own animated emoji on Creators Market.
    We hope you'll take this opportunity to experiment with the new format.
    Animated emoji are emoji that play animations as part of chat messages.


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Quantity Size
Chat Thumbnail Icon 1 image 96 × 74

Required Images

Set type Quantity Size
Regular Emoji 8–40 images 180 × 180
Letter Emoji (Kana, Letters, and Numbers) + Regular Emoji 273–305 images 180 × 180
Letter Emoji (Kana) + Regular Emoji 169–201 images 180 × 180
Letter Emoji (Letters and Numbers) + Regular Emoji 112–144 images 180 × 180
Letter Emoji (Kana, Letters, and Numbers) 265 images 180 × 180
Letter Emoji (Kana) 161 images 180 × 180
Letter Emoji (Letters and Numbers) 104 images 180 × 180
  • · All sizes are in pixels.
  • · All images must be submitted in PNG format.
  • · Add the designated number of each character to your images' filenames. Note that the designated numbers differ based on your selected emoji type.
  • · Image backgrounds must be transparent.
  • · Use a resolution of at least 72 dpi and RGB color mode.
  • · The maximum file size for each image is 1 MB.
  • · If submitting all image files in a single ZIP file, make sure the ZIP file is less than 20 MB.
  • · See Set Types and Filenames for details.
  • · Kana emoji are intended for Japanese language users and feature Japanese hiragana and katakana characters.


Creator Emoji Title Emoji Description Copyright
Up to 50 characters Up to 40 characters Up to 160 characters Up to 50 characters
  • Asian language characters and some symbols count as 2 characters each.

Sample Images

Main Image

Creator's name, emoji title, and description

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Emoji images

Emoji Margins

We recommend you leave no margins or empty space around your images, making your illustrations as large as possible.
If you do add margins, make sure your images are still clearly visible.

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Emoji Images

Emoji Design Tips

LINE Emoji appear as stickers when sent on their own.
When sent together or alongside text, they appear in-line as part of the user's speech balloon.
Here are some tips to help your emoji be as effective and easy-to-use as possible.

  • Use Dark, Thick Outlines

    Thin, light-colored outlines might not show up against all backgrounds. Use thick and dark outlines to make your emoji show clearly.

  • Emoji That Stand on Their Own

    LINE Emoji can also be sent as stickers when sent on their own. Make sure your emoji can work both in and out of text.

  • Use Distinctive Expressions

    Emoji can appear very small in chat messages. Make each expression as large and distinct as possible for your users to read them clearly.

  • Keep It Simple

    Lots of sparkles, hearts, and motion lines that work in stickers might not register in emoji. Try to keep these as simple as possible.

  • Order Matters

    Order your emoji with your most frequently used emoji near the top. If your set includes multiple characters, consider sorting them by expression rather than by character.

  • Add Variations

    Prevent your emoji set from feeling monotonous by adding a variety of character elements and poses.

  • Seamless Emoji

    LINE doesn't insert any space between emoji when users send them in messages. This makes it possible to create seamless illustrations and designs out of multiple emoji.

  • Text Emoji

    Keep a margin around letter emoji to prevent them from clumping against other emoji and ensure they stay visible.


Recommended Emoji

  • · Emoji that are easy to use in daily conversation and communication.
  • · Expressions should be clear and easy to distinguish.
  • · Images that feature thick, dark outlines.

Non-Recommended Emoji

  • · Emoji that are difficult to use in daily conversation, such as objects and scenery.
  • · Emoji which are hard to read or feature overly subtle expressions (such as a neutral expression with a slightly open mouth).
  • · Emoji sets that don't feature good overall design balance.
  • · Name emoji or emoji intended for use by just one person.

Other Notes

  • · Emoji for sale may not be used for advertising purposes. Please do not include any form of advertisement in the emoji images, titles, and text descriptions, such as the announcements of product release dates, or submit emoji featuring only corporate logos.
  • · Emoji that require users to provide their personal data or IDs for purchase are strictly prohibited.
  • · Content that mentions any internet service, messenger app, or similar services, or consists of any characters related to such services may not be sold in the Creators Market.
  • · Read up on the full emoji review guidelines