Complete Creation Guidelines

Required Images and Creation Tips

Themes sold through LINE must be updated to support LINE's latest features.
Themes that have not yet been updated can continue to be sold with LINE's default images or existing images used instead.
Please see the updated guidelines and create the required images.
Note: These guidelines are updated every time specifications related to themes are announced with a new version of LINE.

A. Main Images

This is the main image shown in the LINE STORE and the LINE Theme Shop.


Backgrounds cannot be made transparent. Please make your backgrounds non-transparent.

Total required main images: 3

Quantity 1 1 1
Size 200 x 284 136 x 202 198 x 278
File Name ios_thumbnail.png android_thumbnail.png store_thumbnail.png

D. Passcode Image

Images shown when a passcode is being set.
Two variations are needed, one for when the tab is unselected (off) and one for when it's selected (on).


You can display the same image for all 4 digits, or a different image for each digit.

Only 1 image

4 images

Required images
Quantity Passcode Digit Type iOS Android
Image File Name Size Image File Name Size
16 1 OFF i_12.png 120 x 120 a_12.png 116 x 116
ON i_13.png a_13.png
2 OFF i_14.png a_14.png
ON i_15.png a_15.png
3 OFF i_16.png a_16.png
ON i_17.png a_17.png
4 OFF i_18.png a_18.png
ON i_19.png a_19.png

E. Profile Images

These images will be used as the default images for friends and groups if no profile image is selected.


Profile images are cropped into a circle in the app, but when the image is tapped in the LINE app, all four corners of the image are displayed. Therefore, profile images should be designed to fill a rectangular space.



Required images
Category Quantity iOS Android
Image File Name Size Image File Name Size
Individual 2 i_20.png 240 x 240 a_20.png 247 x 247
Group 2 i_21.png a_21.png

F. Chat Background Image

Message input field



You can optionally create a chat background image. If you don't create one, the background design of the selected color skin or background color will be used instead.
The image is always centered and aligned to the bottom, regardless of the orientation of the device.


Your images can be any size between the minimum and maximum values. You can also use both transparent and non-transparent images.
- If a transparent image is used, it will appear superimposed on the color skin.
Images must be 1 MB or less in size.

Maximum size: 1482 × 1334 px
Minimum size: 60 × 60 px
Position: Above message input field
(When the device is in portrait orientation, this becomes 640 × 1334 pixels.)

Maximum size: 1300 × 1300 px
Minimum size: 60 × 60 px
Position: Below the message input field
Note: The bottom part of the image overlaps with the message input box, so please design the image with the height of the input box in mind.

Required images
Category Quantity iOS Android
Image File Name Size Image File Name Size
Chat Background Image 2 (Optional) i_22.png 1482 x 1334 a_22.png 1300 x 1300
Chat Screen Background Color

If you use a chat screen background image, it may not fill all devices' screens. Any excess space is filled in with your theme's color skin by default. Use one of the following methods to prevent any jarring breaks.

• Select a background color that matches your chat screen's background color.
• Create a chat screen background image that matches your color skin.
• Keep your chat screen background image transparent to blend it with either your selected background color or color skin.

Image doesn't fill the screen Set background color Match with the color skin Create transparent background image

Color skin

Chat Background Image

The top of the image doesn't fill the screen, revealing the color skin.

Select a background color that matches the chat screen background image's color.

Select a background color that matches the color skin.

Keep the background image transparent to blend with either your selected background color or the color skin.