Creating Message Stickers

The following is an overview of message stickers and how to create them.


What Are Message Stickers?

Message stickers let users create unique stickers by entering their own messages in the blank caption.

Using Message Stickers

Message stickers are shown with a pen icon in the corner.

  • LINE Sticker Shop

Edit Message Styles

  • Sticker Images

    All images from the uploaded files will be shown. Click a sticker image to show it in the upper preview window and edit its message styles.

  • Undo and Redo Buttons

    Undo: Cancel the previous edit.
    Redo: Undo the last Undo action.

  • Preview Button

    Lets you preview your stickers as they would appear in chat.

  • Sale Region

    Shows the countries/regions where your stickers will be available for sale.

  • Text

    Choose the text to be shown on the LINE Sticker Shop and LINE STORE purchase pages.
    Sample Text

  • Font

    Select the font for the message text. The number of available fonts depends on your sale region settings.
    Font List

  • Maximum size, line spacing, letter spacing, and outline weight

    Adjust the size, line spacing, letter spacing, and outline thickness of message text. Drag the slider or enter values directly into the boxes on the right.

  • Direction and Alignment

    Set either horizontal or vertical text direction and align the text placement to appear on the left, on the right, centered, or justified.
    Note: Characters entered in a vertical message will appear in their full-width character forms.
    Note: Some languages don't support all text alignment settings.

  • Apply Style to All Stickers Button

    Depending on the image size, the actual location of the text displayed on your sticker may differ from what is shown on the Edit Message Styles screen. Be sure to use the Preview button in the upper right corner to view your sticker's text placement before saving your style settings.
    Note: Deleting an image file and importing it again will reset your style settings.

  • Importing and Exporting Style Files

    Import Style File: Import a style file to apply text style settings from another sticker set into the editor.
    Note: A style file includes settings such as text direction, placement, and font that were set on the Edit Message Styles screen.
    Note: You can only import style files of the same language as the one used by the sticker set being created.

    Export Style File: Download a copy of the style file.

  • Back and Save Buttons

    Back: Go back to the previous page.
    Note: Be sure to click Save to keep any changes before going back.
    Save: Save your current style settings.

Creating Message Stickers

1. Prepare your sticker image files.

These are the PNG image files used as the base images for message stickers.
Note: Leave enough space for a message to be added to each sticker.

2. Configure your message style settings.

These are the fonts, text sizes, outline, direction, and alignment settings for messages that users can enter in each sticker.
Note: The text here will be displayed on the LINE Sticker Shop and LINE STORE purchase pages.
Note: Although there are restrictions on the text that can be used when configuring your style settings, there are no such restrictions after the sticker set has been purchased.
Note: Vertical text direction is only supported for Japanese and Chinese (Traditional) languages.
Note: Previewing will automatically save any changes to your style settings.

  • Text input field

    The sticker text you enter here appears in ②.

  • Text display area

    The text entered in ① appears here. The font size will automatically decrease and wrap based on the number of characters you enter. Keep text legibility in mind when adjusting your message caption.
    - You can enter anywhere between 1 and 100 characters.
    - Use the Enter key to insert line breaks.
    - Spaces and line breaks count as 1 character each.

    You won't be able to save your message styles if your text area clips out of the visible area. You can move and resize the text display area anywhere within the sticker's visible area by clicking and dragging its 8 handles. Use the arrow icon at the top of the text area to rotate it.

3. Check your style settings in preview.

Check how your sticker images will appear using the preview.

Things to Remember When Making Message Stickers

Keep Designs Varied

Consider a range of designs for text placement (both vertical and horizontal) and alignment (left, right, centered, justified) for a richer variety of expressions.
Note: Each sticker can have only one message caption.
Vertical text direction is only supported for Japanese and Chinese (Traditional) languages.

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical

Add Outlines

Add outlines to your text whenever possible to help it stand out against users' chat screen backgrounds. White or gray outlines work best with dark-colored text when shown against a dark theme's background.

Importing and Exporting Style Files

A style file contains all your messages' placement, font, and other settings from the editor. By importing a style file, you can use the exact same message settings from another sticker set.
Note: You can only import style files of the same language as the one used by the sticker set being created.
Note: Please do not change the style file's filename.

  • Importing

    Import a Style File

    Upload File

    1. Click Upload File.
    2. Browse and select "message-{sticker_id}.style" from your computer.
    3. Once the filename appears in the editor, click Import.

  • Exporting

    Export Style File


    1. Click Save (if your settings have not been saved).
    2. Click Export.
    3. Download and save the exported style file to your computer.

You can export the style file for your sticker set after it goes on sale by going to Manage Items > (Your sticker set) > Sticker Images tab > "Preview Caption Styles."

Export Style File

  • Open the Sticker Images tab for a set whose status is at least "Waiting for Review" and then click "Preview Message Styles."

  • Click the Export button from the Export Style File screen.

Message Stickers Tag Settings

Message stickers don't need tags to appear in sticker auto-suggestions. Once a message has been entered and the sticker is sent in a chat, the message text will be saved and the sticker will appear in the suggestions for that text thereafter.