Grand Prize Results

Voting Period: February 6, 2019 – February 12, 2019

Vote Results

The votes for the "First Annual LINE Creators MVP Awards" are in and the results have been detailed below.
Thank you for all of your votes.

Grand Prize
Second Prize
Special Category
Special Collection
Special Category
LINE Creators Collaboration

About the First Annual LINE Creators MVP Awards

  • MVP Category
    • Grand Prize(one sticker set)

      The Creators' Stickers out of the 12 Monthly MVP 2018 winners that received the most votes from users within the voting period.

      Extra Prizes
      - ¥1,000,000 prize
      - Free stickers
      - Overall MVP Category Trophy (Gold)
    • Second Prize(two sticker sets)

      Creators' Stickers that earned the most votes after the Grand Prize winner.

      Extra Prizes
      - ¥250,000 prize
      - Free stickers
      - Overall MVP Category Trophy (Silver)
    • Eligible Sets
      Stickers that were put on sale between December 21, 2017 and December 20, 2018, and won a 2018 Monthly MVP award are eligible.
      The Monthly MVP is awarded to stickers that feature the most downloads, the most animated sticker downloads, and the most total downloads by creator within 10 days of their release.

      Ineligible Sets
      - Stickers that have won a Monthly MVP award up to 2017, characters that won or were nominated for the LINE Creators Sticker Awards
      - Characters covered by official stickers
      - Characters based on celebrities, artists, TV programs, organizations, etc.

      Vote Results
      February 25, 2019

  • Special Category
    • Special Campaign(each sticker set)

      Stickers selected by LINE for each division from Creators' Stickers that provided new value to the sticker ecosystem.

      • Love Stickers Special Collection Award
      • Keigo Stickers Special Collection Award
      • Cheer Stickers Special Collection Award
      • Everyday Stickers Special Collection Award
      • Big Letter Stickers Special Collection Award
      • Winter Stickers Special Collection Award
    • LINE Creators Collaboration(each sticker set)

      Stickers selected by LINE for each division from Creators' Stickers that provided new value to the sticker ecosystem.

      • Touhou Project Award
      • Hatsune Miku & Piapro Characters Award
      • Azur Lane Award
    • Extra Prizes
      Special Category Trophy (Single Color)
    • Eligible Sets
      Stickers selected by LINE for each division from stickers that have provided new value to the sticker ecosystem.

      Ineligible Sets
      - Stickers winning a Monthly MVP award through 2017, characters that won the LINE Creators Sticker Awards

      Vote Results
      February 25, 2019

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- This contest is only open to residents of Japan.
- You can vote for up to two sticker sets as part of this contest.However, please note that you cannot vote for the same sticker set twice.
- Winners will be selected by LINE Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") from those participating in this contest, and will be rewarded with prizes chosen by the Company.
- Winners will be notified of the results by the Company.- Please note that we cannot respond to queries regarding the contest results or award criteria.
- Winners may not transfer any benefits they procure to a third party.
- Any prizes won may not be posted for auction, or otherwise exchanged for money.
- Any data charges incurred by participants as a result of participating in this promotion shall be paid by the participants.
- In the event that applications are made from multiple accounts, illegal accounts, or via any other method deemed inappropriate by the Company (such as fraud or trickery) and in violation of these guidelines, the Company reserves the right to withhold or withdraw the application or winning selection of the offending party.
- If a contest winner cannot be notified due to the participant unfriending or blocking the official account, incorrectly filling out the application form, or not replying with the necessary materials within the designated time frame upon receiving notice of his or her victory, the Company reserves the right to terminate the application and/or winning selection.
- The Company reserves the right to suspend or cancel the contest without prior notice due to application system maintenance or any other unforeseen reasons.
- The Company assumes no responsibility and accepts no liability for any damages caused by this contest or any other problems associated therein.
- This event is not sponsored by, nor affiliated in any way, with, Inc., Twitter, Inc., or Apple Inc.
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