LINE Creators Studio is currently available only in select regions from the App Store and Google Play.

Why LINE Creators Studio?

POINT 01Create LINE stickers in a flash
from your smartphone.

No scanners or image-editing software necessary. Make your own stickers for free!

POINT 02Turn your photos into stickers.
Use the Creators Studio app to easily
turn your illustrations into stickers.

Cut out photos to create stickers with ease.
Add text or drawings for a personal touch.

POINT 03Get your stickers reviewed and released
all from within the app.

Share your sticker creations with friends and sell them on LINE STORE and the in-app Sticker Shop.

How to Use

  1. Download the LINE Creators Studio app.
  2. Launch the app and create your stickers. No scanner or image editing software is required.
  3. Request a review after logging in to your LINE account.
  4. You can sell your stickers after they pass the review.
  • Rejected stickers cannot be edited and resubmitted for review via the app. Please use LINE Creators Market to resubmit rejected stickers.
  • You can log in to Creators Market and Creators Studio with the same LINE account.
    When doing so, stickers you've already requested reviews for will be synced, but stickers that are still being edited will not be synced.
  • The app is intended for individual use. You can still use the app if your business type is already set to "Corporate." However, you will not be able to edit your account info via the app.
  • LINE Creators Studio is currently available in English, Indonesian, Japanese, Thai, and Traditional Chinese. We plan to release other languages in the future.

Creating Stickers on Your Phone

LINE Creators Studio is an official LINE app that lets you easily create your own LINE stickers for free.
• Write a message on your photos and turn them into stickers.
• Use filters to transform your photos and illustrations however you like.
• Use the canvas to create your own illustrations.

Create Your Stickers

  • Enter a Title

    Enter a title for your new sticker set.

  • Choose 1 of 3 Methods

    Choose between the canvas, a photo on your device, or your device's camera.

  • Draw Your Sticker

    Make sure to color in the sticker as this can affect your review.

  • Choose a Photo

    Choose any photo to turn into a sticker and trace out the important parts with your finger, select from a number of shaped cutters or the Eraser tool, or add a fun decorative frame. You can also skip the trimming step altogether.

  • Select a Shape

    Select from a number of shapes to trim your photo in a snap.

  • Trimming

    Pick out any part of a photo to turn into a sticker by outlining it completely with your finger. You can tweak your selection freely while shrinking, enlarging, and rotating the resulting image.

  • Use the Eraser

    Remove parts of your photo you don't want with the Eraser tool. You can adjust the size of the eraser and shrink and enlarge your photo as you go.

  • Fun Frames

    Add cute, decorative frames to your sticker creations. You can download a range of frames to use to your heart's content.

  • Adjust Size and Angle

    Tweak your images' size and angle.

  • Add Text

    Add text to your images using a wide range of fonts. You can download new fonts from an in-app list.

  • Add Sketches

    Use the brush tool to freely draw over your photos.

  • Stickers Complete

    Once you created at least 8 stickers, tap Sell.

Enter Information

  • Enter Basic Information

    Enter your basic information.

  • Choose Set Size

    You can sell your stickers in 8, 16, 24, 32, or 40 sticker sets.

  • Choose a Main Image

    Choose which image to display on LINE STORE and the in-app Sticker Shop.

  • Enter Product Details

    Enter the required information for stickers.

From Review to Sale

  • Request Review

    Check your stickers on the preview screen and request a review.

  • Waiting for Review

    You'll be notified by chat message through the LINE Creators Market official account and by email once the review step has ended.

  • Start Selling

    Once your stickers' status is "Approved," you can sell them on LINE STORE and the in-app Sticker Shop.